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If you’re running a “local” event, the chances are that you’ll want to make the most of every promotional opportunity available to get extra visitors into the event on the day.

Get Me Connected doesn’t just provide you with a seamless internet solution for the visitors who are already at your event, it gives you a unique opportunity to get those visitors to promote your event for you.

When you use the Get Me Connected service at your event, you have an internet connection that visitors can use to access the internet.  If they’re accessing the internet at an event, the majority of them are going to be going on to their social media sites to upload photos or comment on what a great time they’re having.  This is obviously a fantastic advertising opportunity as positive messages about your event are shared with hundreds or thousands of people locally.  If local people are seeing these messages then they’re definitely going to consider coming along to the event too.

As well as providing the internet connection, we can provide other technology to harness the power of social media even further.  Social media walls encourage the posting of messages, and you could even run promotional events or competitions at the event specifically to encourage visitors to tell their friends to come along too.  If you want the connections, we can Get You Connected.

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