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Tooway Pro

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Our Tooway Pro services allow businesses to take full advantage of the incredible geographical coverage and affordability of Tooway, delivering truly high speed business grade broadband whatever your location or existing local telecoms infrastructure.

Tooway Pro services have been specially developed with business users in mind, delivering next generation standard and bespoke broadband services with the performance and flexibility that’s often lacking with existing terrestrial services.

Tooway Pro services feature:-

  • 1 fixed, public IP address (country specific) to enable easy connectivity to business services and applications
  • High data throughput to cope with today’s bandwidth hungry corporate applications
  • Generous, extendible monthly data allowances. (Volume boosters of 1, 10, 20, 50 and 100 GB available real-time on-line whenever you need them)
  • The latest acceleration technology including an integrated performance enhancing proxy (PEP) with pre-fetching to speed up browsing and downloads, giving users blistering on screen performance
  • High network up times with robust and reliable equipment, and the Ka Sat advanced multi-redundant network with 8 operational and 2 back-up gateways across 5 countries
  • Dedicated bandwidth services for broadcasters with bookable uncontended satellite slots like Tooway NewsSpotter

Our off-the-shelf Tooway Pro services include:-

  1. Fast to deploy pre-configured business services operating on inexpensive equipment
  2. Up to 22 Mb download, 6 Mb upload; order on-line and self-install be on-line in a week!
  3. Generous monthly data allocations with a minimum of 2 GB going up to 200 GB
  • Ideal for back-up or fail-over connectivity for your existing terrestrial connection
  • Finally provide true broadband internet for remote rural offices

Our Tooway Pro ‘bespoke’ services feature:-

  • The ability to deploy professional data networks literally anywhere in Europe
  • Bookable, dedicated satellite uplink capabilities charged purely on usage
  • Super-fast broadband capacity, up to 50 Mb download, 22 Mb upload
  • Staggering performance using simple light-weight and cost effective hardware


Get Me Connected on the Moon


Who knows, one day we might get you connected on the moon.  It’s not as impossible a goal as it sounds!!!


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